Drop Out Of School Now

Writing about avoiding college and the merits of dropping out reminds me of something I wrote four years ago:

Fuck the Schools: Ever since I can remember people have complained that we don’t pay teachers enough. When I was young I thought this didn’t make any sense because teachers only worked two-thirds of the year. In my teenage years I decided this complaint was crap because teachers more or less sucked. I was punk rock enough to see that the schools were a scam meant to destroy the lives and minds of uppity-Americans and replace them with complacent consumers.

I guess I am still punk-rock enough because I still feel that way and I had to choke down the venom when I read Dave Eggers "Reading, Writing, and Landscaping" on the sadness of teachers in Mother Jones. It made me want to go throw a brick through the window of one of the lead-paint and asbestos ridden penitentiaries that pass for schools in New York City. Or go encourage some kid to stop doing homework, stop going to classes and stop listening to the counselors. Becoming a moral drop-out did me nothing but good, and if you’re a high-school student and reading this email me and I’ll explain how to initiate a one-man revolution. First step: Drop out of school.

As I recall, Choire Sicha had the same advice right around that time.

Mike Hudack, who dropped out of high school, also knows what’s wrong with schools.