N+1 Throws An Internet Party

Last night I stopped by the party just in time for Gessen to deliver his speech, which I imagine was titled: “The Internet And What I Saw When I Was There.”

It was a short speech, that Keith delivered standing on a small table. He had to shout over the voices of his guests, who apparently couldn’t be asked to quiet down while their host gave a speech.

"I learned that the internet is a place where people express their pain," he said.

"I thought that was literature!" someone shouted.

"All I want to say is that I think people should go on expressing their pain. I will too," Keith said.

The room was too hot and the bar had gone dry. There were lots of girls in dresses that showed off ill-advised tatoos. Is this what literary girls look nowadays? I guess so. Malcolm Gladwell was said to be somewhere at the party but I didn’t look for him. In the hallway, near the elevator I ran into Leon Neyfakh of the New York Observer. He seems to be aging in reverse, getting younger each time I meet him.

On the way out of the party I ran into Emily Gould, who looked very happy and pretty. Everyone else at the party filled some tiny bar. My friends and I walked in the other direction, toward a bar beneath the Manhattan Bridge overpass called Superfine. It poured rain on us, so that we were soaked by the time we got to the bar.

But that was okay. We were in for some laughter filled conversation with new friends and old over cocktails and beer. Well worth soaked jeans, clinging tshirts and soggy feet.


Went to Keith Gessen’s “Take Back the Internet” party last night (LOL) and people always seemed to freak the fuck out when I told them I was 21. Is 21 that young? Reverse ageism, I say!

I’m glad I didn’t tell them I was actually 17. (Joke)